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20 Jul 2012 21:41:36
Darryl Westlake is a blade source club website

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K mac has gone with the squad hope this means he is signing

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At last a true story!

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Y hav 7 people disagreed with this if they were actual blades then they will no he has signed

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Like it says a true story, meaning he D.Westlake has signed, is this too difficult for you to understand??

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20 Jul 2012 20:30:34
Westlake has signed, 2 year deal.

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I know he is good but lowton used to score goals I want him back!!! Lol

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3 year deal

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2 year deal with the option of a third, read the website

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20 Jul 2012 13:41:41
Stephan Quinn will leave this summer, not by his own choice but is going to be forced out of the club due to his high wages. United will replace him with free agent Ramon Nunez

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Quinn is going to Leeds! I said this three months ago, lowton, Quinn, McDonald & maguire will go, iv got 3 out of 4 upto now!

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Lets say Quinn does go, why would we need to replace him when we already have Ryan Flynn as a left winger? What we need is a replacement on the right if Willow goes. Does Nunez play on the right?

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The club has to Get shut of all big earners and cash in on all big assets. That why monty is going nowhere ... Again !! Useless !!

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On Leicester city site. United rejected 2.5m offer for maguire and schlupp season long loan. Going back in with 3m with expectation it will be accepted. No wonder blades have for the Rotherham and Oxford reject centre half in on trial. Aiming high blades !!

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Sheffield united are looking or a deal that will consist of 3million pound and schullup on a permo

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And which Leicester City website would this be? Not on the official site.

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Type in Harry maguire/Leicester city. Official site forum.

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And in all the local Leicester papers.

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Garbage garbage garbage yet again more lies

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Get in the real world , footballs changed every players for sale at the right price

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Someone in some painful denial there

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Maguire may well end up at Leicester but it's only on the unofficial sites and there is only one paper in Leicester and it certainly isn't in there.

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Anyway next player to leave will be quinn, Harry will be with us a while longer yet.

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I know they don't realy play well together, but isn't it good that experienced duo Monty and Doyle are signed up to play next season. So we have at least 2 midfielders, while everybody sprouts c**p about which strikers to buy when we have no cash and few midfielders.

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Nunez is not a free agent he is transfer listed by Leeds. He has 2 yrs remaining on contract Warnock don't rate him.

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