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15 Aug 2013 12:39:39
an unnamed player seen at united training ground today wearing a different club crest top

I have also heard rumours about billy sharp and leon Clarke and personally would take them both

And I don't get McDonald showed no loyalty we picked him up and made him the player he is after being dumped


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Any details on what the unnamed player looked like or what clubs crest he was wearing?

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*McDonald showed no loyalty*
How is it McCabe's fault McDonald has shown no loyalty to the club which saved his career?

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Who are these persons talking about billy sharpe he's on 20 grand a week where he is will he drop to league 1. Do I really have to answer that

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In Fairness, who can say they would have turned Wolves down as Mcdonald, at work if you were offered more by a company to do the same thing, after the company you currently work for had took you off the dole, your saying you would stay with your current company and turn down a HUGE PAY RISE? I don't THINK SO! better to get 750k on him now than lose him for free next summer, I know we offered him a contract but whose to say he would've accepted it, grow up, stop being sour, move on, we made money on him didn't we? as long as McCabe actually gives weir money i'm confident weir would replace him, and as for Billy Sharp, why wouldn't he come home? I know its a long shot and if it was any other league one club he wouldn't but, its not any league one club is it, its the team he supports, the team he loves, the team he started his career with, the team he wants to finish his career at, the team he would make a massive difference at and be the star player in his hometown for his boyhood club where the fans love him

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Rubbish pal ill tell you why he won't come wages how much do you think he would take to to come here your not going to leave 20 grand a week to play for us on 5 a week

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Just wanted to say from our point of view (wolves) we have picked up a good player and I know about players just after money. keep your chins up it will be a close run thing. I felt the same when John Burridge joined united from us. see you at the molineux, Paul from west midlands.

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I heard we offered Kev Mac around 10 grand, offer that sharpy, plus a goal bonus and a promotion wage rise? surely that's not a bad offer

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We offered him around £7500 with an increase if we get promoted and a sign on fee. Wolves offered him £9000.

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Leon Clarke could possibly be joining sheffield united because Coventry can not afford his wages so he could end up at sheff utd also billy sharp not interested in us at league on level but if we can get promotion he will be in our starting a 11 next season

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Who was the lad Eyre number 35? He is not in the program.

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Pigs rejected him because of wage demands. we won't sign him, simply can't afford to pay him!

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Pigs rejected him because of wage demands! Is that the same as not being able to afford him? Maybe they should try shopping in aldi instead of marks and Spencer's. same old pigs

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Eyre is a under 18 mate

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Sean Murray from Watford apparently a target. Very good young player

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Dont get over excited about Leone Clarke. Whilst he will score some goals he is lazy and for seven out of ten games you will be pulling your hair out about him. I remember him when we had him on loan at Chesterfield. Ventress

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If he gets 25+ goals a season I don't care how lazy he is

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When he was out chesterfield he was a goal machine, if you had kept him, you would've stayed up easily

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I don't agree the main reason for relegation that year were key injuries to Tommy Lee and Super Jack (just out of interest if United had gone up that year Tommy was due to join you. )Either way good luck if you sign Clarke but like I said he will give you more bad games than good and I don't think its probable that he will get you 20+ goals. Good luck, always like to see the Blades do well.

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15 Aug 2013 08:38:32
Weir is hoping to persuade Paddy McCourt not to sign for Hibs but sign for Sheffield United

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Hes on trial with Barnsley

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Hes signed for barnsley

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