26 Jul 2015 13:33:24
Well, now we've got Sammon and Sharp (our new SAS strike force), backed up by Done, Adams, McNulty and Higdon, perhaps we can start deciding which of our bloated number of central midfielders to shed.

1.) 29 Jul 2015
29 Jul 2015 09:55:07
I think Nigel will play Sharp and Done up front at the beginning with Sammon just behind em. Adams on bench. Murphy and Woolford on wings. The first few games of a new season brings up some silly results until sides get used to playing alongside each other. Fingers crossed and hopefully we are off to a flyer like Bristol City last season. We now have a couple of powerful strikers, we just need a big central defender similar to Maguire. Roll on 8th August. Up The Super Blades.