02 Feb 2015 21:03:46
Been reported we have agreed a fee for Rochdale's winger Matty Done. Don't know anything about him and there has been nothing confirmed yet but Rochdale fans are going nuts about the prospect of losing him.

1.) 03 Feb 2015
03 Feb 2015 10:27:20
does anyone know if he's any good?

2.) 03 Feb 2015
03 Feb 2015 11:40:28
He's lot like billy clark

3.) 03 Feb 2015
03 Feb 2015 22:58:18
Well out of cups now so we can play the best team to stay in top 6 and hopefully win promotion. Still need a striker tho even one on Loan. Preston out played us today and deserved their win. Good luck to em. Just thinking that we could face em again in play offs.

4.) 04 Feb 2015
04 Feb 2015 07:22:57
Apparently Preston hold the record for playoff failures, we can’t be far behind. Could be interesting.

5.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 05:42:36
Couldn't agree more mate about needing a striker. We Failed to get O'grady back on deadline day and more information has surfaced that we tried to bring in Leon Clark from Wolves who declined the move as did Gary Madine on loan. In my view we should have tried our luck at getting Stevie May in on loan or possibly even Colan Lavery.

6.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 07:41:31
Tony are you Stuart Gray under a different name trying to off load your rubbish to us. May is not a goal scorer Madine as not done it at this level oh and as for Lavery worse than Diego and he is not getting a game. UTB

7.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 13:24:10
My opinion is that we should have gone for tom bradshaw but is there a chance he would be able to come on loan, doubt it tho. If clough does go into loan market i hope he doesn't get someone who is no better than what we have got. Give Che Adams a long run in team and we may be really surprised, could get 12 or more goals for us especially with Matt Done as well.

8.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 15:22:22
i think we should sign some quality like sum one big and strong such as demba ba

9.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 18:26:24
Apparently, and this was from Phipps, the order at which we tried was COG first, Doyle second and then Done

No mention of Leon Clarke and certainly no mention of washing machine

10.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 18:36:09
^^^ Reality check required

11.) 05 Feb 2015
05 Feb 2015 20:35:16
Demba ba this is Sheffield United rumour page not Man United is it. We will go up with what we have. Forget transfers now till summer. In clough we trust

12.) 07 Feb 2015
07 Feb 2015 00:07:35
Don't understand why we don't get a premier league youngster on loan, we did it with Connor Coady and look how that well he turned out to be

13.) 08 Feb 2015
08 Feb 2015 09:10:31
I see a young lad called Chris porter scored for Colchester yesterday, maybe we should try and sign him?

14.) 08 Feb 2015
08 Feb 2015 10:29:10
well i see we can't handle aggressive and direct teams. the players we have seem small and wimpy compared to some others 7 ft tall and muscular. Ours are pushed off ball too easy and then find it difficult to compete against tall defenders. Sometimes small skinny players play good football but also get knocked off ball too easily. We want another Brian Deane to play up front. So where the hell is one, look in lower divisions and there is a big muscular striker somewhere knocking em in for fun. My opinion only.