28 May 2014 15:45:13
billy sharp is in talks. fact straight from horses mouth very good source. hope this comes off also evans HAS signed a 18,000 a week contract will train with united on day release to prove his fitness

1.) 28 May 2014
So we offer someone an 18k a week contract which he signs before we even know if he is fit? No chance!

There should be an agreement on here that there are no Ched related posts until the club come out with a formal statement confirming one way or the other!

2.) 28 May 2014
Horses mouth, so from Billy then? As for Ched, don't care what he's earning, get him back scoring, clear his name and we all move on

3.) 28 May 2014
'Horses mouth' is usually a 'very good source', I'll agree with that.

4.) 28 May 2014
Surely if Ched Evans comes back (and as a supporter f family club I hope not) he will not be fully available until Oct and will not be match fit until Jan with half the season gone. £18k per wk not good value for money

5.) 29 May 2014
Ooft evans n sharpe? yes please!

6.) 29 May 2014
Apprently sources have told that ched has been training whilst locked up and has been involved with teams in their

7.) 29 May 2014
Billy not signed. I saw him at east mids airport. He says United have enquired but doesn't know how much soton want for him. True!