26 Apr 2014 13:08:11
Anyone got a picture of what our kit is meant to be next season? I heard about the white with red pinstripes, but I've not see it anywhere despite googling everything I could think

1.) 26 Apr 2014
The image was posted on various Blades forums, search them too.
Adidas are sods for image rights though, good chance they sued someone for an early release even if it was fake!

2.) 29 Apr 2014
The image was posted on the Facebook page "Once a Blade always a Blade" last night. All white, thin red stripes, black shorts with white trim and white socks with red trim. Another badge was placed between the Adidas logo and the Blades badge to commemorate the 125th anniversary. This will probably need to be removed from the official players shirts due to FA rules. Stupid rules!

3.) 29 Apr 2014
I just had a look at the pics of it, it looks exactly the same as a Liverpool kit from a few years back, when Adidas still did their kits. The shirt, I mean. I am sure there are probably a few detail changes, other than the badge and sponsor, if I looked closely. On first glance though, it looks like that Liverpool kit exactly.

4.) 01 May 2014
Ive looked at the templates and there's a few possibilities for the away kit, hope we keep yellow I love that one, but as for the home I can only see it being the red n white stripes with red shorts template, I like the red shorts!